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Alabama fell to Tennessee 52-49 on Saturday. Here was Paul Finebaum's reaction to the upset...

"Yesterday was the personification of the sport and it’s why people like us are so passionate,” Finebaum said (first transcribed by Saturday Down South). “There are a lot of troubling signs coming out of it for Alabama as well as some positive signs for Tennessee, but, Alabama does not look well-coached. That’s off the record."
“No, I don’t think Nick Saban is losing (his touch),” Finebaum said (first transcribed by Saturday Down South). “But, is the program at the same place it was 2-3 years ago? No, it was a different state. He is at a very dangerous point of his career should he lose another game and get knocked out of contention for the College Football Playoff.”
(The Spun)
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TouchdownTony20 months
...And had the 50 yard Bama kick gone through the narrative would have been "oh the fight in the players, Oh, down 28-10 the coaching staff made brilliant adjustments, oh, the will of this team to find a way to win with 17 penalties" My God, if somebody had told that UT loses 15 straight to Bama I would have laughed at them. Sooner or later (in this case later) fate was gonna shine on them again.
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theBru20 months
So happy for Saban!
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rd280z20 months
Too many penalties is always a bad sign. Clean that up or some heads will roll I think.
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TiderNAL20 months
He’s right you know…
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Strannix20 months
I knew it would be some bullshite about Saban is close to hit seat "troubling" lol
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