Fran Tarkenton calls out A.J. McCarron
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During his weekly radio segment Tuesday morning, former Alabama QB AJ McCarron criticized the Crimson Tide's offense after their loss to Ole Miss. Well, former NFL and Georgia QB Fran Tarkenton didn't think very highly of McCarron's comments and made that clear on WJOX-FM’s “The Opening Drive” in Birmingham Wednesday...

“Oh gosh, it’s AJ McCarron,” Tarkenton said. “Did he go to class? Did he make the league or not? He needs to be quiet. He was so fortunate to play in that program. He’s an average quarterback at best. He played fine, but he couldn’t have played anywhere else but Alabama.

“To make a comment like that is just disrespectful. He should keep his mouth shut and praise Saban and Alabama for the rest of his life.”
Harsh. True, but harsh.
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NorthLaTigerFan118 months
I have no problem with Tarkenton's comments. McCarron was an average QB who played on some of the most talented college football teams in recent memory.
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Pavoloco83118 months
Since McCarron is now a Bama alum, he is now entitled to say the same stupid shite they all say. Jay Barker has said way worse over the years.
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Spunky118 months
"JPW and Blake Sims is the only QB I like off the field in the saban era..."

Do you not remember the sims gif from 2 years ago at LSU? Also I can tell you that sims is a huge POS off the field. No qb under Saban is going to act a fool while he's the starting qb. Wait till next yr, you'll see just what kind of trash Sims really is. AP ain't got nothing on sims.
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earl keese118 months
diddddydirtyAubie, where is Larry putting an LSU homer spin on this? What am I missing here?
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houndstoothbandit118 months
Fran Tarkenton is my hero...JPW and Blake Sims is the only QB I like off the field in the saban era...AJ needs to go sit and shut up every time they stick a mic in his face he says something stupid.
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Pauldean118 months
Tell me again why AJ McCarron is no qualified to criticize the Alabama football program???

I mean, we could ask T Bob, Williford, Randle, and Sheppard the same thing.
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SECSolomonGrundy118 months
i think Fran meant that AJ wouldnt have had the success he had if he'd played anywhere besides Bama
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diddydirtyAubie118 months
Larry, why do you always have to give an LSU homer spin on everything?
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tkr1407118 months
Who the hell is Sabin?
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11thACR118 months
Those tats reduce his IQ quite a bit...Fran's is not boring and he speaks his mind
always. Thought AJ and Sabin were always on the same page...but I guess it was always
Sabin's Page....No Surprise
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DoubleDown118 months
Pretty sure AJ could've played COLLEGE QB almost anywhere. Pro's are a different animal but this comment is also idiotic.
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olddawg26118 months
those tats...what a douche
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TOKEN118 months
It's like the 13th grader that doesn't want to move on from High School, the guy is a pro so act like it. He is just mad he can't play QB at Bama anymore.
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wilceaux118 months
"He played fine, but he couldn’t have played anywhere else but Alabama."

I generally agree with Fran's point, but this is just not an accurate statement.
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pellietigersaint118 months
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Grit-Eating Shin118 months
I am now an official member of the Fran Tarkenton fan club.
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gamecocks22118 months
Sounds about right
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