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On Monday, GQ released an interesting piece on FOX Sports NFL insider Jay Glazer. In the article Glazer told the a story of meeting Tim Tebow for the first time...

The first time he met Tim Tebow—just recently, during a night out in Los Angeles—he teased him about his chastity.

“I said to Tebow, ‘You coming out to the club?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, yeah.’ I said, ‘When you come, you’re the bait. You’re a virgin, dude. You’re not hooking up with anybody, so you’re the bait. You sit right up there, and when all the girls come over, they’re all for me.’ ”

Later that night, Glazer sent Tebow a text that read Jay Glazer: Nonvirgin! Then he shows me what Tebow texted back:

Tim Tebow: Nonreporter!
Yea, because Glazer's getting laid all the time.
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diddydirtyAubie114 months
Jay Glazer appears to be a huge douche.
user avatar
udtiger125 months
Tebow with a respectable burn.

While I hated him fricking LSU< you can't help but like the kid.
user avatar
darkdaysof dinardo125 months
Only one of them is a virgin by choice!
user avatar
HeavyCore125 months
Jay Glazer is a fricking Hutt
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