Former Alabama 4-Star Announces Transfer To Rival Program
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In mid-May, Alabama Crimson Tide CB Brandon Turnage announced that he was transferring to the University of Georgia. But it looks like he had a change of heart...

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eelsuee32 months
Tennessee back up to 17 players on their roster, getting close to being able to field a whole team.
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FaCubeItches32 months
College students can now get paid, and he just transferred to a state with no state income tax. Not exactly stupid...
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goodgrin32 months
He will be experiencing those annual 4-6 win seasons...
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jlnoles7932 months
Nice job Larry
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TommyDaTiger32 months
You’re killing your father Larry
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BobABooey32 months
He initially wanted to transfer to the Miami Dolphins and then UTenn but was told that wasn’t allowed. For student athletes, that is.
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SouthernInsanity32 months
Leaving bama... going to UGA... now Tenn, but "committed". Yeah, committed isn't the word that comes to mind.
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ShakeandBake32 months
I can see it being appropriate here. We used to say someone had been 'committed' to an insane asylum. Goodness knows you'd have to be crazy to choose to go to 10RC.
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