So, some clever Florida State fan is selling these T-shirts that poke fun at the SEC. How cute...
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Mulerider117 months
And its not just football that the ACC dominates they have all of the hardware from the CWS, too.
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WM117 months
Yeah, it's tough when you get to play the 3rd best team in the SEC West in the NC game.
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Budroar117 months
Dude, you'd better thank the football Gods for that kick return, had FSU played Bama with Saban having a month to prepare against a student of his...Fsu most likely would have need the football gods to win! It would've been 8 in a
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Hester Carries117 months
"How about "You cant spell FUCSAC without fsu and acc"??"

How excited were you when you finally rearranged those letters and found FucSac?
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JETigER117 months
The Entire 14 team SEC is second to Florida state in number of rapes that football players commit.
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YStar117 months
Great job Auburn. SMH.
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TigerB8117 months
The Anemic Coast Conference.....Maybe FSU will beat up on Weak Forest in their conference championship this year instead of the juggernaut known as Duke Football.
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TT9117 months
Thanks Auburn
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Korin117 months
Guess he doesn't know that FSU has a record of 48-69-7 against SEC teams.
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SECdragonmaster117 months
How about "You cant spell FUCSAC without fsu and acc"??
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UncleBoo117 months
Wow it only took 7 years for that t-shirt to be made....I'm happy for you!!

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TexasTiger89117 months
Free Seafood University
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Shooter117 months
Whoever wears that needs to be punched in the face.
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Fgiord117 months
Thanks a lot, Auburn.
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