On Friday afternoon, the Big Ten and the SEC announced they have created a joint advisory group to work on solutions regarding college sports' biggest issues...

"The Big Ten and the SEC have substantial investment in the NCAA and there is no question that the voices of our two conferences are integral to governance and other reform efforts," Big Ten Commissioner Tony Petitti said. "We recognize the similarity in our circumstances, as well as the urgency to address the common challenges we face."

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey also released a statement on this massive move.

"There are similar cultural and social impacts on our student-athletes, our institutions, and our communities because of the new collegiate athletics environment," Sankey said. "We do not have predetermined answers to the myriad questions facing us. We do not expect to agree on everything but enhancing interaction between our conferences will help to focus efforts on common sense solutions."
(The Spun)
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maizegoblue20 days
F the NCAA!
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Jack Daniel21 days
Basically work together to come up with a plan to eliminate the NCAA
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HarryBalzack21 days
NCAA is like a peen that a bottle of Viagra can't make work.
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LSU$$$21 days
I guess we're just going to govern ourselves......
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Billy Mays21 days
So bye bye NCAA? Good riddance...
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jbird721 days
Here it comes…..
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