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Athlon Sports released it's Preseason Top 25 and eight teams from the SEC were ranked.

Here is the full top 25:

1. FSU
2. Alabama
3. Ohio State
4. Oklahoma
5. Auburn
6. Oregon
8. Georgia
9. South Carolina

10. Baylor
11. Michigan State
12. Stanford
13. Notre Dame
14. USC
15. Wisconsin
16. Arizona State
17. Texas
18. Ole Miss
19. LSU

20. Kansas State
21. Clemson
22. Penn State
23. Florida
24. Washington
25. Missouri
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SEC Crazy, you need to put down the crack pipe.
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LMAO at the dummies.

Auburn got lucky in 4 or 5 games, Auburn has had one back to back 10 win seasons ( 88, 89 ) LMAO.

Each season is an entity of its own.

Bama has the top recruits and losing when you gain 1100 yards in both loses is flukish.

Auburn loses 4 or 5 easy this year. LSU will be our main challenge again.
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I want to punch Saban in the face every time i see his picture
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I really don't like this list. I would prefer to see Alabama around the 8-10 range. It's not that I think they can't win it all, it's just that they don't deserve to be there yet. Oklahoma, Auburn (gag), Oregon, and Ohio State should be ahead of Alabama. Maybe Baylor and Michigan State, too.
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Swap Alabama and Auburn. Drop Florida. Swap Missouri and Georgia and move South Carolina ahead of UCLA
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List is bull shite. bama should be about no. 8 given loss of QB, etc. Auburn should be higher. These kinds of lists are for lazy writers who dont do their homework but can defend a high Bama ranking on the basis of reputation alone.
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Interesting to see Bama #2 and LSU drops to #19

LSU puts more talent in the NFL than BAMA (Barely) both clubs lose sr.QB's and LSU has home field this year against the Tide. I dont' see these programs that far apart.

I hope this doesn't become a reality but I am having a hard time reconciling how Athlon come to these conclusions... LSU's recruiting classes have been solid.
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Solid list.
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