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Your best guess for the Fall...
Here is mine.

With Emmert saying "No students, no fall sports," here is what aggy will do. I suspect others will follow our lead.

1. Limit dorm rooms to single occupancy
2. Require and simultaneously limit (with rare exceptions) students take one in-person class. All other classes will be online. Sections/portions of every course will be offered in-person. The rest will be offered online. Students will sign up for in-person courses based on their class standing just like regular registration.
3. Student ticket availability for football will be reduced by 50%
4. Former student/seat license holder ticket availability will not be reduced
5. In-person classes will be taught by graduate assistants and non tenure/tenure track instructors with limited exceptions. The institution will hang its hat on "our best teachers are in the classroom." In reality, those with tenure - who already teach less frequently - will be protected from returning to the classroom unless they want to.
6. College Station enrollment will be down 10-15%. Other TAMU system schools will get hammered at 25-30% unless they reduce tuition and offer some huge incentives. Students will stay home and save money.
7. Colleges and University's will work with their lobbying groups to reduce the amount of student loan money available to students who only take online classes or to reward those taking at least one in-person class with financial incentives.

Reasons why:
1. This gets around Emmert's "no students, no sports" requirement.
2. It gets student dollars back into the B/CS economy. Too many people make too much money off of students being in B/CS. Their voice is loud.
3. Half occupancy for dorms is better than no occupancy. See: money
4. Aggy will have to show we are doing something noteworthy to protect students. Reducing ticket availability by half allows the university to say "we did our part."
5. Our 200 person lecture halls will be capped at enrollments of 50. Everyone else that needs those courses will have to take them online.
6. The in-person requirement will be sold as making sure students get the "college" experience and access to the learning community .
7. Institutions, particularly college towns like B/CS, Clemson, Columbus, Lansing, need students in town. They will advocate for financial incentives for students to return to campus out of a "quality learning environment" initiative. In reality, its about the money.

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re: Your best guess for the Fall...
I think you’ll be surprised by the amount of social pressure to normalize things as football season gets closer. I still maintain the NFL could essentially dictate public policy if they gave an explicit and unambiguous list of things that have to happen before they’ll start playing. I say this because it’s basically what’s happening in Europe with regards to soccer

Now that may not translate to the college game starting but it would be interesting nonetheless. Roger Goodell has more power than anyone in congress or medicine right now if he wants it.

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re: Your best guess for the Fall...
Off topic - Speaking of Roger Goodell, did yall see that Dave Portnoy won an auction to watch a game with Roger in his man cave. With their history, I would pay to be a fly on the wall and I don't even really follow barstool sports.

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re: Your best guess for the Fall...
During the game Portnoy will be a good little suck up and thank Goodell for his hospitality to his face but then a week later will turn around and act like he big dicked Roger in his own home. Also, Clay Travis will be staring through the window like a creep trying to figure out how to coattail on all of it.

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