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Holy shit! Cedric Benson died

Motorcycle accident. T&P. Hate to hear it no matter their Alma mater.

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re: Holy shit! Cedric Benson died
Oh man that is terrible.

I hope my kids never set foot on a motorcycle.

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re: Holy shit! Cedric Benson died
Just horribly tragic. Wow.

I'm with Jobu. And I used to entertain ideas of owning a bike. Just lost too many people I know or know of to freak accidents to justify it for myself.

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re: Holy shit! Cedric Benson died
I had a crotch rocket in college so I could park in front of most buildings. I rode it like a grandma and sold it basically right after college. They are definitely scary and can be unforgiving. Very sad to hear for him and his family. He was too young

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re: Holy shit! Cedric Benson died
Gotta have your head on a swivel and always assume that the car in the intersection is going to pull out right in front of you

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re: Holy shit! Cedric Benson died
I got one right after college with my first paycheck so I could ride with friends, had it for about 3 years then sold it because I moved and didn’t want it to get stolen.

I had always planned on buying another one, until my friend that got me into riding was killed when a car pulled out in-front on him.

No plans on every riding again.

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