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re: Fall Camp 2019
I don’t care if TA doesn’t want its staff to talk about it until it’s official, but what’s the harm in letting posters talk about it? I doubt Jimbo cares if some posters on premium speculate/talk about an injury or two, TA isn’t going to get its press credentials revoked just because of a few people talking about injuries.

Pulling threads is very gestapo like. What’s sad is people commenting on the first thread that finally didn’t get deleted about it that they first heard about it on t-sip sites because of all the axed threads.

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re: Fall Camp 2019
Maybe the delayed news makes sense. I've heard everything from out 6-7 weeks to 4 broken bones and ligament tears. One sounds like a fairly significant injury, the other sounds career threatening. I do wish they would clarify how significant the injury is at some point, but that should be the Cupp family's decision.

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re: Fall Camp 2019
Agreed, he’s a kid, ask him and his family how to release it. Can’t imagine being on the way to the hospital to see my kid who I just found out got seriously injured, and having my phone blowing up from curious friends who got the news already on texAgs

Some of the y’all need to think this through

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re: Fall Camp 2019
"Baylor Cupp had a significant injury at practice today. Until the coaching staff releases the information, please refrain from speculation. Any threads speculating or providing injury details will be removed."

Kim Jong Pubes is incapable of that level of nuance.
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re: Fall Camp 2019
“On Monday, the Ags conducted what amounted to a walk through in shoulder pads and helmets indoors. They're only a couple of days away from entering into Game Week prep so this past weekend's practices were significant in terms of depth chart movement as we have essentially reached the conclusion of fall camp.

-It was a very good session for the defense, at least during the early portions of the scrimmage. Demani Richardson had a nice interception and an all-around great session and the defensive line was creating real problems up front. Getting back to Richardson, he and Green are actually the two true freshmen who look like locks to start game one. After that, Jalen Wydermyer could get the call against Texas St. (he and Beal are going to both see a ton of action regardless) and I don't see how DeMarvin Leal could be held out of the starting 11 very deep into the season.

-The biggest news to come out of the weekend might have to do with the secondary having a big night in the scrimmage. Aggie DBs picked off as many as five passes, as the backup QBs saw a ton of work with Jimbo Fisher and Darrell Dickey. The secondary also picked off starter Kellen Mond early in practice, so they were getting it done against the best the Aggie offense had to offer, as well. Debione Renfro nabbed what would have been a pick six. After a great spring, Renfro is an experienced and, now, very confident veteran willing to take chances and play aggressively in coverage. He's been much better about finding the football, as well. As far as second- and third-team action went, veteran DBs Travon Fuller and Larry Pryor (the senior is back after missing some practice time) each picked off a pass, as well.

-At receiver, Caleb Chapman turned in the biggest offensive play of the scrimmage by hauling in a deep bomb late in the action when he broke open up the seam. He's been one of the top overall performers in August, something the Aggies have needed with Kendrick Rogers being out for pretty much the entire month so far. Speaking of Rogers, I've heard nothing to indicate that his injury is anything long-term - it's just best that he's 100% healthy before going back out there at this point.

True freshmen Ainias Smith and Dylan Wright plus veteran Cam Buckley also got into the act with nice grabs. I've been raving about Smith throughout camp, but it's definitely worth noting that Wright has had some pretty spectacular plays and a couple of standout days during the first couple of weeks of his A&M career, as well. He's going to find his way into some important grabs this fall despite Dameyune Craig's receiving corps being as loaded as it is. I've been on the Ainias Smith bandwagon since before he chose A&M over Duke, and all he's done since is turns heads, first during the off-season and now in fall camp. He has a chance to be a special weapon in Fisher's offense and on special teams.

-True freshman tailback Isaiah Spiller was impressive running the football. Jay Graham's backfield stable is deep, but the 220-pound back will definitely work his way into the regular rotation. One of the bigger breakthroughs may have been from Cordarrian Richardson. The UCF transfer is beginning to look like the back many saw when he was coming out of high school in Memphis - a bruising between the tackles runner who is very tough to take down. That was the case under the lights on Sunday. Think of former Texas star D'onta Foreman in terms of Richardson's frame and, to some extent, running style (though Richardson probably has a little more of an explosive burst). The tailback spot should feature some very nice depth even it lacks experience.

-More from Aaron Hansford. The dude has been making plays when the lights are on, I'll say that much. A week later, and he's still what I would consider a 'stock up' guy.

-Speaking of stock up, James Foster had a very good night's work and really helped himself when it comes to the battle for the all-important QB2 battle. I still think this one doesn't sound like it's decided but, frankly, I would be shocked if it weren't one of the two youngsters who ultimately get the call. Darrell Dickey and Jimbo Fisher have an interesting next few days on their hands when it comes to choosing which QB is going to get the majority of the second-team”

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