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re: Fall Camp 2019
I don’t care if TA doesn’t want its staff to talk about it until it’s official, but what’s the harm in letting posters talk about it? I doubt Jimbo cares if some posters on premium speculate/talk about an injury or two, TA isn’t going to get its press credentials revoked just because of a few people talking about injuries.

Pulling threads is very gestapo like. What’s sad is people commenting on the first thread that finally didn’t get deleted about it that they first heard about it on t-sip sites because of all the axed threads.

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re: Fall Camp 2019
Maybe the delayed news makes sense. I've heard everything from out 6-7 weeks to 4 broken bones and ligament tears. One sounds like a fairly significant injury, the other sounds career threatening. I do wish they would clarify how significant the injury is at some point, but that should be the Cupp family's decision.

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re: Fall Camp 2019
Agreed, he’s a kid, ask him and his family how to release it. Can’t imagine being on the way to the hospital to see my kid who I just found out got seriously injured, and having my phone blowing up from curious friends who got the news already on texAgs

Some of the y’all need to think this through

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re: Fall Camp 2019
"Baylor Cupp had a significant injury at practice today. Until the coaching staff releases the information, please refrain from speculation. Any threads speculating or providing injury details will be removed."

Kim Jong Pubes is incapable of that level of nuance.
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