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It is time to for Rick Barnes to retire

His constant blame game and throwing players under the bus is tiring. He’s wasted so much talent and his in game decision making is abysmal. The game has passed him by. For the fifth highest paid coach in the game the results just aren’t there. No shot he gets fired this year or even next so it’s just a waiting game till he retires I guess.

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re: It is time to for Rick Barnes to retire
Meh, let's see how the season unfolds. We could do A LOT worse than Rick Barnes. I just want to make the dance every year.

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re: It is time to for Rick Barnes to retire

It is time to for Rick Barnes to retire

It's about time...I miss the days of Donnie Tyndall or Wade Houston and 9th and 10th place finishes in the conference.

I long for days gone by...when you would accidentally leave your car unlocked and someone would stick UT basketball tickets on the dash in an attempt to get rid of them.

We've played 15 games so far this season...we've already won twice as many games as Houston did in the 93-94 season and have won as many conference games (only playing 4) as he won in a 16 game conference schedule (2).

Georgia has only won 5 games so far this season...that's as many as UT won all of the 93-94 season.

For those who don't remember what bad is...that is what bad is.

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