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re: Once UT and OU enter the SEC does A$M…..

Then do us a favor go the big 10. To compare the big 10 to the SEC is laughable. See you dumb frick shorthorn, they are both athletic conferences and in football nobody is in the same stratosphere as the SEC. fricking idiot. This was meant as an insult to A$M and the big 10 and only an imbecile would get confused.

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I don’t see all the hate for ATM myself I understand that we don’t play them every year..

I think it will be good for our conference having both UTx and ATM in.

Will be some great ball games.. just hopefully aTm can keep their money in the wallet and not blow the wad on a unproven coach that they can’t afford to fire.

Who knows maybe next year they will be really good

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Ain’t nobody going anywhere baws

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Jeez. How many of these threads do we need? It’s the same stupid hypothetical over and over.

I’m all for trash talk, and we’ve given plenty of ammo for it this year. This crap is just childish, though.
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