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re: WTH - Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?
Of course it's a Christmas Movie! They mention several times in the movie it is. Dude even dressed up a corpse as Santa to troll the bad guys. And there were even Christmas songs played just so you know it was officially a Christmas movie.

100% Classic American Christmas Movie. Probably the best movie of the season by a light year. Remind her that being incredibly entertaining is not a bar to being a season-movie, a film can be both.

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re: WTH - Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?
Yes, it has Christmas music, christmas decorations, it is at a christmas party, Hans Gruber is a German Grinch, and it has a happy ending.

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re: WTH - Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?
It's not a Christmas movie because it's not a movie about celebrating Christmas. It's just a movie who's timeline takes place during Christmas.

I don't really understand the desire for people to label it as a Christmas movie, but whatever floats your boat I guess.

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