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Good read from the outside

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re: Good read from the outside
Not a bad read at all
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re: Good read from the outside
Good read but it has to be BS. It said our pass defense was lousy but all I'm told is how we have some of the best DB's around. So they did get that part wrong.

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re: Good read from the outside
Liked your post, under the assumption there was a sarcastic snicker in the background.

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re: Good read from the outside
I'm told the band got several 5-stars this year who are penciled in as starters at left tuba, strong side woodwind, and free trumpet.

The effects of a well-played "Every True Son" can't be overstated.

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re: Good read from the outside
Acy allowed 48% of the throws at him to be completed and Holmes allowed 40%. Given the amount of plays they spent M2M that is excellent work.

I hope some of the concepts Gibbs brings will help the Safeties. I have little faith in Walters as a position coach. Coverage busts on the back end in the middle of the field were frequent.

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re: Good read from the outside
Holmes and Acy were both very good. The safety play was not but the guys who got the majority of the snaps were pretty green (Gillespie and Bledsoe) I’ve heard from a couple different places that Gillespie is the best athlete on the team. Reasonable to expect them to improve.

The DB unit should be good, but as always, the pass defense is going to depend heavily on the pass rush. Still not sure where that is going to come from.

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