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Poll rankings
Number 7 in AP, tied with UG and behind LSU

Number 6 in Coaches poll, ahead of both UG and LSU.


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re: Poll rankings

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re: Poll rankings
Hard to rank UF, LSU, UGa and Kentucky. All 3 loss teams with UGa having one more win but also the only one to lose their bowl game. Actually it is hard to rank 3 loss teams in general. You have Syracuse at #15 and Fla/LSU at #6 all with 10-3 records. I am good with it.

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re: Poll rankings
Considering we started out 2018 basically unranked, we have the advantage of most likely staying ranked after a L. Lets face it..hard to assume we go 12-0. We are in much better position to stay highly ranked if things don't go south.

Bama had a somewhat soft schedule imo and Clemson played in an easier conference, but that Trevor Lawrence is special, seldom runs but has escape ability in the pocket and very accurate. Barring injury he may win the Heisman.

Bama had Juedy, a great receiver and Clemson had a patchwork of receivers who wanted it more than Bama. Tua kept over throwing and putting too much zip on the ball. I don't know if some of the Bama 5 stars partied too much the night before....but some of them were tired in the first half....and mental errors galore.

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re: Poll rankings
I think all three programs should be ranked together at #6. None stood out over the others.

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