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re: My issue today

You’ve got a great QB prospect coming in and I do think the future is bright.

This is a thing that concerns me. We, both as a fanbase, and a program are putting a lot of chips on the Hilinski bandwagon.

But is he what we need? Okay, this is wordy, but bear with me.

One way or another, our offense is very similar to Duke's. We haven't massively retooled this thing since Roper left, BMac might be emphasizing different plays in the passing game, but it is essentially the same offense.

But if you look at Duke, their qb's, the ones I've seen at least are involved in the running game. They actually run real Read Option plays. The qb is willing to be a part of the run game.

And some of those guys were arguably less athletic than Bentley is. But the point is, while our plays are drawn up the same in the playbook, we sure run them differently, and get different results in both the passing and running game.

Personally I think the day of the "Pro" qb is done, at least in the SEC. They haven't played the game yet, but I don't think Lawrence is going to get the kind of protection he needs to put up the kind of passing numbers that will let Clemson stay with Alabama.

There are a few teams that still run that I-Formation power run thing, but they (notably Wisconsin and Stanford) usually seem to have one or two first rounders in the NFL drat offensive linemen graduating every year. We aren't going to have that, even if Muschamp was as good a recruiter as he says he is.

And I also don't think either of the teams I mentioned would do as well in the SEC running that offense as they do in the Big 10 or Pac 12.

So we have this big, dropback passer kid (well he'll be in the shotgun mostly, but anyway).

Even if he is willing to run, and we call plays to use him, my belief is we would be a better team if we could count on some rushing yards from our qb every game.

I have a sneaking suspicion Urich transfers to a Juco after spring practice. And it wouldn't surprise me a bit if he had a big year and signed with a major school next year.

Think you can say the same about Joyner if he sees he is never going to get a shot. He may wait another year, or even may decide to stay and switch positions. But there are offenses out there, where his skills would actually be used and he could put up big numbers, both rushing and passing.

So my point is, a lot is riding on Hilinski. And I think he may be the wrong qb for us, at least to progress as a team.

Personally I thought UVA qb was better than Drew Lock. I'm sure the NFL guys will like Lock a lot better, but what Perkins brings to the table makes a team a college team a lot more formidable than what Lock does.

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re: My issue today
We use the pass to set up the run. Hilinski is the perfect qb for us. The one measureable a qb needs that can't be measured is between the ears and this kid is smart on the field. We are lucky as heck to get this kid now with that being said Im worried our coaches get in the way of his growth and potential.

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