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Trajectory of programs in the SEC
Based on last year, this year, and a little future expectations for next year here is what I see

Bama - trending a little up. They are better than last year and of course they are constantly a playoff contender

Arkansas - trending way up

Auburn - trending moderately down. About the only up part is Tank. Gus only hires extensions of himself as OC

LSU - trending down. Hard to go anywhere else when you were at the peak last year and lost what they did. Next year probably trends back up a little

Ole Miss - slightly up. New and better coach will get better players in future.

Miss State - slightly up. See Ole Miss

Arkansas- way up

Texas A&M - same. Till proven otherwise

Georgia - same. Still a contender with a walk on qb. Hard to climb when your as high as they have been. Pretty much beat everyone in the SEC not named bama most Saturdays

Florida - slightly up/same - they aren’t regressing but have to prove they are progressing.

South Carolina - slightly up. Better football team than they were last year. Prob better than their record indicates

Tenn - same. Not good last year, not good this year. Recruiting well though

Kentucky- same. Good team probably doing as well as the program can reach

Vandy - down

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re: Trajectory of programs in the SEC

Arkansas - trending way up

Arkansas- way up

Dang, we need what Arkansas has, make the list twice!

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re: Trajectory of programs in the SEC

Kentucky- same.

I'd say they are trending slightly up. They've found the handle defensively

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