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The fans are the biggest losers in the lockout

I've been a Braves fan since the last lockout. I was 8 years old in 1994. The Braves came on TV almost every night. Times were good. I didn't understand what happened. I was just glad in '95 when it was back. Then my fandom was firmly cemented with the World Series. I stuck by them ever since.

For most of my adult life, my dad (Mets fan) and I would take a weekend trip to Atlanta each year to watch a Mets @ Braves series. The trips became fewer after I started having kids. But my son is 7 now. So, when the schedule came out last year I planned a trip to Dallas to watch the Braves @ Rangers series next month. It would be my son's first MLB games. It was going to be just the 3 guys. I was so looking forward to seeing his expression when he first seen the field. Now it's quickly slipping away.

The hotel is already booked and paid for. So I guess we'll still go and bring my son to Six Flags, but I'm truly bummed.

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The sooner you realize this is a business and you're a customer, the better you feel.

It was tough when I was a kid and the NHL lockout season happened - was a big Thrashers fan, and it killed me.

But as an adult, I shrug my shoulders and know darn well that they don't care about the fans emotions, and honestly, outside of customer retention, why should they?

Sports teams cost a ton of money. The average rate of return is roughly 7-8% YoY on enterprise valuation, and the stock market last year (though an anomoly) was 19%. PE investments usually yield 12-25%.

I don't mind the owners protecting their absurdly large investment and I don't mind players sticking up for getting paid relative to their market worth. It's a business.

This sob story of the "average fan" usually falls on deaf ears, and plainly, it should. You're a customer. If you don't like it, find another product. That's the business risk they run during labor disputes and it's the right you have as a consumer.

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Dear Facebook....

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What is the latest on this shenanigans? I guess the season is definitely not starting on time... if at all?

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Opening Day at Truist now canceled

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