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re: Bye Bye Bo Mattingly

I’m pretty sure I even heard a TD shoutout.

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re: Bye Bye Bo Mattingly

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re: Bye Bye Bo Mattingly

Pigfeet and Pioneer will be starting a sports talk show.

This would be known as the modern day version of Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In


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re: Bye Bye Bo Mattingly
Yeah, I listened to the new show yesterday, and these dudes aren't near as good. No offense to anyone that may be reading, but they'll need to get a good producer in there ASAP.

I couldn't listen to this dudes show that used to be on in the AM, even though he had Tyler Wilson as one of his cohosts.

I wish they would have given Michael from Stuttgart some of that time slot. Even just a segment for Michael so he can go on and talk about his gambling picks and tell everyone how great he is. It's entertaining listening to that guy.

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