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Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin spoke with Andy Staples recently about NIL and what he would change about it.

Kiffin admitted that while Ole Miss had recently benefited from NIL, it's still "a disaster" in his eyes.

“It just probably sounds strange to a lot of people for me to say the disaster when we’re out there — some would say — maximizing it as well as you can and as well as anybody,” Kiffin said. “But to me, that tells you how much of a disaster it is. Even though it benefits us, I’m still telling you it’s a disaster even though it benefits us at Ole Miss a lot.”
Kiffin added that that NIL needs more structure and suggested players could have actual contracts that everyone could see to provide more clarity.

“I would get some structure around it to make them employees so they have real contracts that everyone can see,” Kiffin said. “So you know what the market and people can’t say ‘I have this’ or ‘I’m making this.’ Then there would be revenue sharing involved, so it would be more equal what they’re getting. And then there would be a cap.”

That cap, Kiffin said, could vary by conference. “So at least there’s some level playing field,” he said.
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NIL has turned college football into minor league baseball.
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