According to TMZ, six people were arrested during Sunday's game in Las Vegas. That includes two men who ran shirtless onto the field during the third quarter...
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BobABooey10 days
Did they arrest Travis and Tay because they stole America’s heart! Awwwwwww!!!!
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Saunson6910 days
After looking at his instagram on his chest, he's one of those guys pitching "get rich while doing nothing" insta profiles.

Says he can get you to a $10,000,000 net worth lol. Has all these posts of him near private jets and expensive cars.

One post has him doing pushups on top of a Porsche GT3 and then spilling his melted Haagen Daas ice cream on top of it. What an idiot. Dude either has daddy's money paying for all this or he's renting all these without ownership and in debt. Can't tell.

A user commented on his post about his streaking "Dude, I was at Applebees watching and hopped out my booth and said "That's my mentor". He's mentoring people that eat at Applebees how to make $10 mil
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Basura Blanco9 days
I wouldn't let him paint a fence much less mentor me on finances.
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grizzlylongcut10 days
Imagine being stupid enough to spend all that money on the Super Bowl and Vegas and then getting your dumb arse arrested at the game.
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