NFL vs. NBA, who ya got? Pat McAfee and Austin Rivers discuss...
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ALhunter1 month
If NBA and NFL players competed in an Olympics style track / lifting competition of raw athleticism the NFL would win nearly every event...

Track - 100, 200, 400 etc.
Weightlifting - lol
Jumping would be the one competition where maaaybe an NBA guy would come out on top...

Only reason no NFL players would make the NBA is because it's highly developed skill based. You need to be dribbling a ball every day for the last 20 years and height is a major component.

No NBA player would make the PGA tour or the NFL - does that mean golfers are better athletes than NBA players?
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FightnTiger1 month
Oklahoma and Gauntlet drill in high school help them decide to play basketball.
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gamecockman121 month
I despise the NBA and what it has become, but there isn't a single NFL player that could sniff an NBA court right now. You probably could find a couple of NBA players that could play in the NFL.
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ALhunter1 month
It's because of the skill based component to basketball. NBA players spend a lifetime developing ball skills.

No NBA player could be an elite bowler, golfer, or NHL player. Does that mean those sports are more "Athletic".

NBA also selects largely on height vs. athleticism. Something like 10-15% of 7 foot men aged 20-40 in the US have played in the NBA. Those guys aren't all athletic.
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Tshiz1 month
Shows how soft the nba is. Money and girls is what he chose.
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ALhunter1 month
If you have the height and ball skills the NBA is the easy choice. League minimum and average is higher due to fewer players/team. Longevity is better. Risk of CTE is zero.
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