Marvin Harrison Sr., a Hall of Fame wideout who played 13 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts, told ESPN's Marty Smith that he wants his son Marvin Harrison Jr. to campaign for more targets...

"There is one thing that I wish he had from my game. You got to complain for the f*****g ball," Harrison Sr. said. "You got to complain. If I had five catches, 70 yards, we can't do nothing else until we have a meeting because I'm not getting the ball.

"That's it. Throw me the ball. Period."
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DeafVallyBatnR25 days
I am sure Manning took note of his complaint.
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WyattDonnelly25 days
My guess would be….killing people. Marvin is a murderer.
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Deplorable Duke25 days
Lips Harrison II
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Milosh25 days
He wasn't accused of murder and skated because he's famous?
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Sevensblue25 days
Because he played at OSU not crappy Syracuse ok pops
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atltiger648726 days
so selfish
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Bayou26 days
Complainer alright. Your son isn't the egotistical arse you are. I say he's better than you.
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Morpheus25 days
If he has half the career his father did I’ll be impressed
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cbree8826 days
Da fuq? No wonder the Colts only won one Super Bowl with Peyton Manning. Harrison Sr. was a selfish POS and ball hog apparently. That’s not good for the overall team’s cohesion and performance.
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NPComb26 days
MHJ will be the Tony Mandarich of WR's. He's literally the 4th best WR in the draft. Worst Heisman and Biletnikoff winner ever. Without Daddy's name he'd sitting on pins and needles for a 3rd pick. NFL teams would be stupid to pick him over the top 3 ahead of him.
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PenguinPubes26 days
He didn’t won the heisman baw. Jayden did
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cuz didn’t win the Biletnikoff Award either, he was fricking gifted that shite. Mr Nabers won the damn thing, and everyone, including Malik knows it
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NPComb25 days
I meant to put candidate after Heisman.
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9th Green At 926 days
Sounds like a real team player
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Thracken1326 days
I would have figured a better aim with a gun, so as to not hurt innocent bystanders
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grizzlylongcut26 days
Killer instinct
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