Does Cowboys Star QB Dak Prescott Want More Input On Team Decisions?
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Does Dak Prescott want more input on team decisions? During an interview with The Athletic, the Cowboys star QB revealed that he’s cool with his current role on the team...

“I trust the people around here that have those titles and have those positions to do what they need to,” Prescott told Machota, via The Athletic. “And I feel like they do ask me and bring me into the loop on things when they feel like they should. We have a great relationship. I don’t want to ever begin to compare what’s going on here in Dallas and how we handle things to other organizations.”

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From that quote, it sounds to me like he’s ok with the decision makers in know, making decisions.
Reply2 months
The LaBron effect. Sign a contract and abide by it and STFU.
Reply2 months
The last time I checked the players are paid to play, (suppose to any way), the coaches are paid to coach, and the GM & Owner(s) call "The Shots"! These pro athletes are blessed to have the god given athletic ability they have. Just do what you are getting paid $$$ to do....Play Ball!!
2 months
This is becoming a huge problem in professional sports. NBA is way over the top with players wanting to have a say.
Reply2 months
Didn't read. WGAF?
Reply2 months
Cowboys haven’t made a good decision in 30 years. The fact that he trusts them is concerning. However, asking for his input would be even more disastrous.
Reply2 months
It is a PR BS Speech! He's glad these idiots are paying him more money than he can count, LOL!
2 months
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