The Detroit Lions planned to unveil their new (more like modified) uniforms on Thursday night, but someone may have beaten them to the punch...
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Bayou1 month
The black is horrible for such a traditionally beautiful uniform and color scheme
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southernboisb30 days
What about those that put black with maroon (SC) or purple (Colorado Rockies)?
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TheRouxGuru1 month
wtf is the difference between this and the old ones??
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Corso1 month
Yeah I guess I haven't watched enough Detroit lately but they look the same to me
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Sevensblue1 month
Got rid of the goofy number font.
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BillyMadison1 month
At least they have not gone the MLB route yet and put sponsor logos on the sleeves….
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Thankfully. They make MLB look so tacky and desperate.
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