New Orleans QB Drew Brees Explains Why It Was Time For Him To Retire....
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NBC Sports held a Drew Brees press conference on Wednesday to introduce his next job with the network. That's where the former New Orleans Saints QB explained why it was time to retire...

“At the end of the day, the factors that go into this are, I’ve always said as long as I can play the game at a high level; I’m having fun doing it; and I’m able to stay healthy, then this is something I’ll do forever,” Brees said, via ProFootballTalk. “Obviously, I’ve had some injuries the last two years that have been frustrating. Both of them kind of freak things. I don’t think they were injuries that were saying I was getting old.

“But nonetheless, I had the thumb that ruled me five games two years ago, and then had the ribs and the lung that holds me out for four games this past year. Could I keep playing? Yeah, I’m sure I could. But I’m also looking at my kids, my family, the age of my kids, and just gauging all of those things. There’s a balance there. I also just felt like I would just feel it. I would feel when it was time. I felt that it was time.”
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Lotta butthurt fans who think they have better morals than Drew. Pretty funny. You guys would be the first one kneeling if you had to deal with teammates implying that you’re racist
Reply2 months
Nah, hoss. I kneel for no man. I also know that if I were accused of being racist or ignorant, I'd stand up for myself and my beliefs.
2 months
What's funny is that Drew has "frick you" money and still caved to the mob like a bitch.
2 months
You're wrong Roll Clyde Roll. I'm not going to bow down to someone calling me racist for some stupid reason in their mind.
2 months
lotta words to say my arm is a wet noodle and my knees are shot from all the kneeling.
Reply2 months
Who are you? Were you a top qb in the nfl? He gives his time and money to new orleans.
2 months
Dude is going to be a shitty announcer, always trying to avoid criticizing 'those' players.
Reply2 months
Everyone hates him. Black people because he didn’t get it and white people because he admitted he doesn’t get it.
Reply2 months
No, white people hate him because he sold out. For yrs he stood by his guns until George Floyd
2 months
I dont like him because the man caved to the mob. Never cave to the mob...
2 months
The reason is that he works with 90% black folks, and they treated him poorly after he made them rich. Let them have the interception king, Jameis.
Reply2 months
SAD, just fade into Bolivia already
Reply2 months
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