You Marvel Fans Aren't Going To Like Zion Williamson's Take On 'Avengers: Endgame'
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If you're a big Marvel fan and Pelicans fan, you might want to look away. The future #1 NBA pick Zion Williamson has a-not-so-popular take on Avengers: Endgame, SPOILERS WARNING...

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Larry Leo Losses Any Legitimacy He Had Left
Reply25 days
I can explain it to him when he gets to New Orleans.
Reply25 days
Loses, not losses.
Reply25 days
He lost points with me by even watching those movies but, I’m glad he’s thinking on the fly. I like him ruffling the feathers of the super hero fans though.
Reply25 days
Everyone loves Marvel eddieray. "eddieray" sounds like a character from Raising Arizona
25 days
Eddie Ray was a football player for LSU and NFL
25 days
It does sound like something from Raising Arizona though
25 days
Dr Orange said that Thanos would only loss 1 in 14 billion times and the Avengers just happen to win? So unrealistic.
Reply25 days
Really? Did this guy not pay attention to the movie? Captain America was worthy, and could wield the hammer. Thor even said "I knew it!" What a dickbag this Zion guy is.
Reply26 days
Captain America is trash. Iron man should have killed him.
26 days
After Captain America's little counseling scene at the beginning, he could have gone down for all I cared. Screw Disney and their agendas.
25 days
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