College Football Coach Offers To Buy Fans’ Beer If They Attend This Week’s Home Opener
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While on The Oregonian columnist John Canzano’s podcast Tuesday, Portland State head coach Bruce Barnum volunteered to personally pay for fans’ beers if they come out to support his team against Western Oregon at their home opener on Saturday...
FYI: Hillsboro Stadium seats 7,600 people and can be expanded up to a capacity of 10,000. That could get expensive.

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I'm sure he's not paying for them and definitely not at regular price. They probably sat around trying to figure out how to get people there, and someone said..."free beer, duh"...and someone said they can't do that..."BUT...maybe coach can..."
Reply8 days
He has nothing to worry about. No one is going to the game. This is Portland State, an ultra woke university. The student body care more about being woke than football.
Reply9 days
do the math, and this coach is going to backtrack (or put severe limitations) on his offer real fast.
Reply9 days
No coach would try that in the deep south or they would be bankrupted.
Reply9 days
I was told the LSU section at the UCLA game was out of beer before the end of the first quarter. West coast pussies
8 days
Could not find his salary, but the prior coach who got canned last year made $170,000. If you get 3,000 people to take him on the offer and each drinks 3 beers at say $6 a beer, that is $18,000. Eeeek
Reply9 days
Hell, my math sucks. That is 54k. Damn
9 days
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