LeBron would be proud...
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cajunmud10 months
I think he got the vapors.
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SmelvinRat10 months
Fred G. Sanford...
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atltiger648710 months
flopping should be an unsportsmanlike penalty. This ain't soccer.
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Timeoday10 months
Have they heard from the hospital how he is doing?
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BQAG0210 months
Not exactly a flop but still just as ridiculous.

[url]LINK ]
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RamboMizzou10 months
He did it to be funny.

He was laughing once he got up and it was mentioned in the telecast.
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Sevensblue10 months
Come better people...
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tenderfoot tigah10 months
The GOAT flop is Jamal Adams his freshman year.
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Hangit10 months
He had two that were equally awesome.
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75503Tiger10 months
Looks like a victim of a minor car accident in BR
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Screamin Jay10 months
Bush league move by a bush league team in a bush league game. :dunno:
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TutHillTiger10 months
That’s a dollar for sure
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surgicalvenom10 months
And then he ran right past them like they were standing still for a TD.
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Miznoz10 months
I think his point was well made actually.

That should have been a penalty and probably would have been if he let himself get knocked down instead of using his GOAT feet to stay up.
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Trumansfangs10 months
The horror, the horror !
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Hoovertigah10 months
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