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Missouri coach Gary Pinkel announced Sunday that junior quarterback Maty Mauk has been suspended for the rest of the season for disciplinary reasons. Per ESPN:

"We don't overlook things. We don't cover things up. We do what's right," Pinkel said. "A lot of other places would find ways to get the problem solved without doing what we do, but we don't do that at Missouri. I've never done that, I never will.
Mauk was suspended earlier this season for a violation of program policies and was reinstated back to the team just six days ago.
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Jagd Tiger100 months

why? ... because "We do what we do"
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Mizzoufan26100 months
Sounds like he was out at a bar, got a little drunk, got riled up by some people talking about his father whom is being treated for cancer got thrown out of the bar and drove home intoxicated aka Gary Pinkeled. He wasn't caught by police, but word got back to HCGP
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Carolina_Girl100 months
chRxis....It wouldn't have been grades bc they wouldn't have changed significantly in 6 days within the same semester. I'm thinking he went the Stephen Garcia route.
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HailFreezusOver100 months
Did he get busted for drugs .,, again?!
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chRxis100 months
hmmm... grades or drugs?
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