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Kentucky coach John Calipari spoke with reporters on Wednesday ahead of the Wildcats' first-round matchup against Oakland and urged officials against expanding the NCAA tournament and sticking with 68 teams. Per ESPN:

"I hope it stays where it is," Calipari said. "You know, I know people get mad. They get mad at the committee. You won't believe this. I've been mad at that committee a few times. But you may be mad because of your seed or where they've shipped you to. ... But it doesn't matter who the committee is. We're all going to be upset."

Calipari referred to the newly expanded format for the College Football Playoff and how more teams getting in will also mean more teams being angry over being left out.

"This is a business trip for me," Calipari said. "And I'll say everybody that's in this thing, I would say they'd say the same thing -- keep it where it is. Don't mess with something that's great."
What are your thoughts on the NCAA Tournament? Leave it the way it is or expand?
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Lynxrufus20121 month
The Power four and a quarter should just have their own tournament and tell the NCAA to go to hell.
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Lucky Loper1 month
I wish they never would have expanded to 68. 64 was better. The play in games are dumb to me. You either make the tourney, or you don’t. Plus it messes with my bracket.
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jbird71 month
If there’s anything we’ve learned from the butchering of CFB. It’s that so long as there’s a way for network execs to put more money in their pocket, they’re gonna do it. That along with the ncaa is retarded. Sorry Cal
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