Just like last year, ESPN's Dick Vitale and actress Ashley Judd shared a kiss at the SEC Tournament. This time they did it after her Wildcats beat Texas A&M for the tourney title...

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Pavoloco8395 months
Dick needs to man up and grab a titty. Those things are massive.
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Roses of Crimson95 months
I think UK basketball games is about all Judd does anymore. Someone asked her about UK football once during the season (like the week of the UT game) and she said she couldn't go because midnight madness started that night or something and UK basketball practice was more important. What I don't get is why it's a big deal she's at games. She has made like 2 more movies than I have and I'm pretty sure those were back in the 90's.
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EastNastySwag95 months
Go get laid Larry
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JumpingTheShark95 months
She is an annoying bitch.
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