Kentucky Senate Passes Interesting High School Sports Bill
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Kentucky high school senior athletes can now extend their careers and get the year back they lost to COVID after a new bill passed by the state's Senate...

Senate Bill 128, sponsored by Sen. Max Wise, R-Campbellsville, would allow students to stay in school an extra year after the coronavirus pandemic disrupted academics, athletics and high school milestones.

A previous version of the bill allowed only high school students to repeat a year. A new version expanded that to kindergarten and up.

Students would be able to redo or supplement classes they've taken, as fears that students are not where they're expected to be academically continue after a year of inconsistent schooling.

"They're failing in grades because they can't get that in-person learning, or they can't get the high school experience as they should," said Reggie Thomas, a student at Campbellsville High School who testified in favor of the legislation.
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why would any kid want to stay in high school when they can go to college? it isnt like recruits get offered after their senior year.
Reply1 month
Couldn’t they do some short summer seasons or something? They screws the next year’s class.
Reply1 month
Yeah, that's gonna cause issues with incoming Seniors.
Reply1 month
For all sports? Can the system handle the numbers?
Reply1 month
If they are failing academically they probably won’t or shouldn’t play sports
Reply1 month
Need 2 seasons. One to make up last years, and one for the bee current seniors so their season isn’t stolen by should be college kids.
Reply1 month
Need 3 seasons. What about the juniors?
1 month
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1 month
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