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Georgia head coach Kirby Smart spoke to the media on Monday and said that they will have "three or four guys out" for the UAB game this Saturday as the Bulldogs are dealing with a Covid spike within the program. Per ESPN:

Smart declined to identify the players during a teleconference with reporters on Monday. It is unknown whether they will be available to play against the Blazers on Saturday (3:30 p.m. ET, ESPN2).

"I'll be honest with you, I'm as concerned as I've ever been, because we have three or four guys out with COVID and we have a couple staff members that have been out with COVID here recently," Smart said. "For us, we're at our highest spike. And people are talking about vaccinations, well these are people that are vaccinated. We're talking about breakthroughs, and so that concerns you not only for the players on your team that are unvaccinated, that are playing and not playing, because we want everybody to be safe. But it concerns me for the players that are vaccinated that we could lose them."

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TheBiggestBrother32 months
Bill Clark finna eat
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ouflak32 months
So if the vaccine isn't stopping situations like this, it kind of defeats the argument for mandating it in the first. One of the key arguments I keep seeing in the media is that this is for safety and so we can return to our normal lives. Well these athletes are already young and fit, so their chances or getting ill in any noticeable way, or dying, were already next to nothing. With the vaccines, something like an order of magnitude less than that. The staff is certainly older, but they're vaccinated. So at what point to we begin to fulfill the media promises and say, "Ok, you're all vaccinated and low risk anyway, so just get on with life"?
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southernboisb32 months
Being vaccinated doesn't mean you can't get means your symptoms won't be as bad/deadly as those unvaccinated. BTW, what happened to that talking point that young children wouldn't get it?
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