Georgia Football Unveils Their New Team Slogan For 2016
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
Kirby Smart is coming into his first season as Georgia's new head coach with a new slogan he wants his team to rally behind. Junior Db Aaron Davis shared it with

“We have this new motto: Attack the day,” Davis said. “So just take each day for what it has and try to have your best practice every day.”

“During workouts, during practice, all the coaches remind us,” Davis said. “Especially coach Sinclair, he reminds us ‘attack the day,’ get better today, and just do all you can.”
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houndstoothbandit98 months
Uga might be the only one to understand this new slogan.
user avatar
3down1098 months
Oregon 2.0
user avatar
Woverw98 months
You don't defend them - - you ATTACK THEM! You take their game and you shove it right back in their face. ~Coach Herb Brooks 1980 US Hockey Team Gold Medalists.
user avatar
Clames98 months
Should be "Attack the buffet".
user avatar
Rickety Cricket98 months
How splendidly generic
user avatar
C3W98 months
He should've been a poet.
user avatar
WG_Dawg98 months
I don't think "team slogan" is really accurate. It's just something they're saying during spring workouts...I'm sure every team in America has something similar.
user avatar
hogNsinceReagan98 months
user avatar
Opportunity is nowhere.
user avatar
Dignan98 months
Perhaps the slogan "spit shining a turd" was a little too on the nose for them.
user avatar
skullopener98 months
what about the night games?
user avatar
chadr0798 months
Attack the night too "on occasion "
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