This Georgia Football hype video, created by MitchellSmeak on YouTube, should get Bulldog fans pumped up for the upcoming College Football season.

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No highlights from Tiger Stadium?
Reply8 days
mainly highlights against kentucky, tennesee and vanderbilt interspersed with cheerleader moments
Reply15 days
Ugh, I hate that damn song. People who aren't UGA fans probably don't know this, but that's UGA's "pump up" song which is played right before the players run out of the tunnel. I have no idea who the hell picked it, or why the hell we keep playing it every damn season. It's one of those "traditions" that everybody thinks sucks, but nobody wants to badmouth. Is it a great song for tubing down the river while sipping a beer? Sure. To get you pumped up right before kickoff? Hell no.
Reply17 days
You think Baba O'Reilly is a bad song? How old are you, 14? That song is by the WHO and has withstood the test of time that 90% of the rap crap never will.
14 days
Go Watch "The Girl Next Door" - classic movie and this song. epic.
14 days
Should have used Olivia Newton John’s “Magic” since it was the #1 song in the Fall of 1980.
Reply22 days
10 days
Well done video. Frick the haters, imo.
Reply22 days
That is until UGA shites the bed against Alabama in a big game like they always do
Reply23 days
Meh... That song blows
Reply23 days
He'll be sad at the end of the season again .....
Reply24 days
If the band members singing the song are over 70, then the song is too dated for a hype video now-a-days
Reply24 days
Imagine being a UGA fan. Jesus!
Reply24 days
Reply25 days
Baba O'Riley is a terrible song for football games.
Reply25 days
The new champions of life
Reply25 days
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