While appearing on SEC This Morning, ESPN's Peter Burns put pressure on Georgia head c
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While appearing on SEC This Morning Monday, ESPN's Peter Burns put pressure on Georgia head coach Kirby Smart to fix his team's off-the-field issues...

"Especially with the speeding of the driving, like now there should be a zero tolerance policy,” Burns said. “I don’t care if it’s a mile over the speed limit, I don’t care if it’s a parking ticket, I don’t care if you look at a yellow light different, playing football at the University of Georgia or the SEC is not a right, it’s an absolute privilege. And there are 5000 players that would crush to go out and play for Georgia.

"And so if there is one issue that’s not Kirby doing enough at some point to me. It doesn’t matter what your name is. If you run afoul of it on this driving stuff anymore, you should be dismissed from the team. I’m dead serious because at that point, you are putting your foot down, going this is an absolute privilege to play football for (us). He is on a rare occasion where he’s one of the coaches that could do that.”
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gamecockman1212 months
Kirby is a crybaby.
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Kirby needs to stay in college football. He cried so much because of an AJC article. He’d get eaten alive in the NFL, especially in the NYC market.
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Diego Ricardo12 months
SEC Rant Poster Calls Out Kirby Smart *jack off motion*
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DawgRff12 months
All he can do is educate the players. He can't take their driver's license and vehicles away.
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BuzzSaw 1212 months
He's right. He gave an inch and the inmates took a mile. The inmates aren't going to give it back willingly.
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Strannix12 months
thUGA is win at all costs program. Sad
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Bama is too, the only difference is UGA actually wins and Bama does not
user avatar
POTUS202412 months
What was his position when Bama players were zooming around in Challengers?
user avatar
jjv000412 months
way to change the topic.
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