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On Wednesday, eight days after an attorney representing the university sent a letter, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution issued two corrections to a report detailing how Georgia's football program has handled sexual misconduct allegations against players...

"Our editorial integrity and the trust our community has in us is at the core of who we are," AJC editor-in-chief Leroy Chapman said in a statement. "After receiving the university’s letter, we assigned our team of editors and lawyers to carefully review each claim in the nine-page document we received, along with some additional source material that supported the original story. We identified errors that fell short of our standards, and we corrected them."
(The Spun)
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VooDude11 months
What, did UGA bribe them to do this? Time to reopen the investigation.
user avatar
SCDawg9511 months
Stfu bitch
user avatar
theBru11 months
And they call it 'Fake News' for a reason....that's why I get my news from Babylon Bee...@ least they admit theirs is fake!
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Drizzt11 months
So AJC lied for a better story. Color me shocked.
user avatar
Black n Gold11 months
So one can assume they did not have a team of editors and lawyers review the article prior to original release. Why even have editors?
user avatar
Pizza Dan11 months
Like most media, they will not be held accountable for printing made up fiction.
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he is spitting facts, bro. Becky is a heartless, conniving whore. may she rot in hell
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