On The Rich Eisen Show (h/t On3 Sports), former Florida QB Anthony Richardson responded to any skeptics who'd questioned his merit as a top prospect based on the Gators' subpar 2022 campaign...

"A lot of people see that record and think we weren’t a good team," Richardson said Monday. "A lot of people see the record and they say, 'Oh, Anthony Richardson can’t lead a team. He can’t even go .500 in the season.' To that, I just say they don’t know the ins and outs of the game. They don’t understand what they go through daily. They don't understand how hard we work.

"Sometimes, things don’t go your way and that comes with the game. I feel like when I step onto a team, I’m there to contribute, give it my all, and provide in any way I can. I feel like I did that every game."

(The Spun)
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UFMatt11 months
He is great QB… long as he doesn’t have to read a defense, check down or hit a receiver when open. Other than that, he is great! Wishing he the best in the NFL.
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TouchdownTony12 months
He'd be great if these drills in shorts was real football. Tom Brady graded out the worst in every drill at the combine in QB history.
The old saying applies here... "go watch the tape"
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BurrowToChase12 months
Turns out when you’re an athletic player but suck at QB your team also sucks. Most overrated overhyped player since pretty boy for the Jets. Gonna bust hard
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DeafVallyBatnR12 months
So he runs fast. He throws far. He jumps high. Great athlete, but we saw how bad he is with pads on. Maybe he is the best athlete and should play another position but not QB.
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CanebreakCajun12 months
Oh, I get ins and outs of football. Like not being able to read blitz, not being to read double coverage, no being able to get past your first read, not being able to hit a house from yards away. We get it.
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cajunmud12 months
He shoulda stayed in college another year.
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Deltatiger12 months
We could only wish
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SuperOcean12 months
I drive by a power plant often. .I don't know the ins and outs of the operations... But I know when the lights aren't working
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Toptigerfan8612 months
Leroy can’t do it all by himself
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