Auburn fans are very happy with the job head basketball coach Bruce Pearl has done so far and that includes alum Charles Barkley...

“It was an interesting year for Auburn because it ended on a down note,” Barkley said Wednesday before the 2022 Regions Tradition celebrity golf event in Hoover. “I love Bruce Pearl. To tell you how far Auburn basketball has come: I never thought we would get to the point where we win an NCAA game, and people would be disappointed. That’s a credit to him.

“I told him privately — and I’ll tell him publicly, too: ‘Think about that.’ … That’s a credit to Coach Pearl and his staff — the notion that Auburn actually won a March Madness game, and then they lost, and we were disappointed.”
(The Spun)
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What has he done??
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Won the SEC title twice and the SEC tourney once, made it to the final 4, got AU ranked #1 for the first time in it's history, signed 4 of the top % highest ranked recruits in school history and has had 3 first round draft picks soon to be 2 more at one of the worst basketball schools in the conference. Other than that not much.
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to shankapotamous: OTHER than that! lol
16 days
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