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Former Alabama QB Blake Barnett was a name people were excited about for a minute before he transferred to Arizona State and then South Florida. Now people are excited about his tasty new career, serving up BBQ. Barnett has been down in Florida cooking and passing out meals to the people effected by Hurricane Ian...
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Together, we will overcome.
After the devastation of Hurricane Ian, many of us are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.
You are not alone.
Gathering House invites you to stop by for a restful break from all the hard work and a respite from all the chaos. Join us for a Community Barbeque tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct. 4th, 5-8pm) at Gathering House. There will be smoked BBQ by @blakebarnett11 a safe place for the kids to play and a chance to relax with friends.

How can we help?
We'll be taking requests for any needs, so that we can work on providing resources to fill those needs within the GH community.

How can you help?
If you would like to help with house set up & dinner preparations, our team will get to work at 11am tomorrow. Just drop by if you can.

If you would like to contribute items, we are asking for:
- napkins (qty: at least 200)
- large trash cans and thick contractor bags
- water/self-contained beverages
- potluck side dishes, desserts
- firewood (dry, split oak for smoker)
- folding tables/chairs
- music/ if someone wants to play accoustic on the porch, come on!

Please comment below if you are contributing any of these items to help us keep communications streamlined.

If you would like to give in the form of a contribution to our Hurricane Ian Community Fund:


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user avatar
DBcUper17 months
That’s a legit looking homemade smoker. Old propane tank. I give him props.
user avatar
cajunmud17 months
Probably got that off ebay, looks older than him.
user avatar
BurrowToChase17 months
He didn’t learn this type of action from saban little self centered narcissistic bitch arse
user avatar
Alyosha17 months
user avatar
BlackPawnMartyr17 months
Lsu fans always so bitter and triggered.
user avatar
NPComb17 months
How about former Arizona State QB or former USF QB? Barnett deserves the credit, not Bama. frick you Larry and you're virtue signaling for the gumps.
user avatar
Gus Fring17 months
B/c it's the SECRant you simp
user avatar
DownSouthCrawfish17 months
It’s not that serious
user avatar
3down1017 months
I'm not sure where any school gets credit, but I do agree it would be more accurate to call him a former USF QB or Arizona St QB. Because most Alabama fans don't really care much about him, especially after the way he acted after not getting the starting job. But it's good to see him doing good thing, and it has nothing to do with the schools anyway.
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