Tennessee Titans star RB Derrick Henry Addresses The Idea Alabama Turns Out NFL ‘Busts’
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During his recent appearance on the “Bussin’ With The Boys” podcast hosted by Titans teammates Taylor Lewan and Will Compton, star RB Derrick Henry rejected the idea that Alabama turns out more busts than any other team...

“We got the most players in the league,” Derrick Henry said excitedly, as Lewan started to list names. “Even if they had short careers, it doesn’t matter… We have more star players and more All-Pro players than any college out. He produce in college and it comes to the league, what do you mean?”

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No shocker here. If you have the number 1 recruiting class almost every year for around 13 years you will probably have more players in the NFL. You are already getting the best players when they arrive on campus. If you always have the best players on the field every single game I think it begs the question how do you ever lose? I think that is the real question here. They still find a way to lose sometimes.
Reply2 months
screw the gumps period
Reply2 months
Saban gets better players more consistently than anyone else. No secret to why he's successful
Reply2 months
I would hope the team that recruits the most 5 star players also has the most NFL players at any given time. It has nothing to do with their development at Bama, just that they're talented. Bama doesn't develop talent, just processes the players and moves on to the next.
Reply2 months
LMFAO....yeah Bama does nothing to develop them? Mac Jones was a 3* back-up we took from Kentucky and will now be a first round likely.
2 months
Agreed, the gumps like to parade mac jones around as if he was tebow or burreaux, mac will be a major nfl bust. I give him 5 years max and hell be an analyst for fox.
2 months
It’s always best, in order to get an objective answer about ANYTHING Bama football, to ask either Bama fans or coaches. Objectivity is the cornerstone of their approach.
Reply2 months
*players not coaches
2 months
Yeah, just like the objectivity of LSU Baws on here, right?
2 months
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