Alabama DL Jonathan Allen Writes Heartfelt Goodbye Essay
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports
Alabama defensive lineman and team captain Jonathan Allen wrote this “Goodbye, Alabama,” essay, which is in full here, as a tribute to the Crimson Tide. Here's a small piece of it...

I’m leaving Alabama with my head held high.

I’m leaving with three straight SEC titles, three straight NCAA playoff appearances, two straight national championship game appearances and one national title.

But I’m also leaving with so much more. I’m leaving with dozens of brothers — guys who are going to be my brothers for life. I’m leaving with a degree in financial planning that will empower me to take control of my future. And most of all, I’m leaving with no fears or doubts about what I’m capable of as I move on to this next chapter.

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Allen will be a top five pick in this year’s NFL Draft.

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user avatar
Placebeaux88 months
Wish him the best. Should be a solid pro.
user avatar
SoulGlo88 months
Degree in financial planning... Dude just saved himself a gajillion dollars.
user avatar
Lilpickles88 months
Surprise he can write......
user avatar
UBamaJelly88 months
Says the guy missing a "d" in one of the words of his sentence.
user avatar
lsu48088 months
Lol, he didn't write that
user avatar
Gary Busey88 months
He did. LSU fans just can't read.
user avatar
bamafan100188 months
Man every young person needs to read things like that. Very inspirational when talking about the Clemson game. One game certainly didn't define Jonathan Allen
user avatar
pellietigersaint88 months
As a tiger fan let me just say.....get this shtt out of my face and off of tigerdroppings.
user avatar
Gary Busey87 months
Don't click the link then retard.
user avatar
Kafkas father88 months
Roll Tide John. We'll miss that guy.
user avatar
Random LSU Hero88 months
I'd be sad too. He'll leave Bama and be a top 5 pick and take a pay cut
user avatar
justausedcarguy88 months
There's that L6U penis envy we all love....
user avatar
bamasgot1388 months
user avatar
CoolHand88 months
That dude will be successful at whatever he does.
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