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COVID fine bias by SEC office - MadSECFan
MS State's coaches don't even bother with masks for the most part - like every week they do the worst job of wearing them in the conference - yet several other schools get fined significant money for far lighter violations. About what you'd expect. Commissioner's kid went to Starkghanistan so ther...
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White transfers are immediately eligible - MadSECFan
Is this the Sankey rule or SEC rule? At a minimum it looks like Mays was given a higher priority than many others....
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D1baseball credibility - MadSECFan
How is it that TWO GUYS carry so much weight in college baseball? TWO GUYS set their rankings and their rankings are linked from the NCAA web site and constantly shown on televised college games repeatedly. Why? Furthermore, the TWO GUYS are clearly extremely biased. For the past several seaso...
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