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re: Has Alabama ever had a win that felt worse than that? - CrimsonCrusade
The worst Alabama win I can remember was 30-14 over Duke in 2006. Duke was in the middle of a long stretch where they were unimaginably terrible (checking Wikipedia, I see that they went 2-33 from 2005-2007). But they led Alabama at halftime and it was 16-14 with under five minutes to play....
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re: The problem with this team… - CrimsonCrusade
That team also lost to Texas A&M though....
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re: I guess we should be thankful only two guys are sitting the bowl game out. - CrimsonCrusade
[quote]If you’re excited about a 9th place game, then so be it. I have no problem with any of them sitting out. This game means zilch[/quote] One day, Bama will inevitably go through some lean years again. The one positive about that will be that the bandwagoners who trot out terrible takes like ...
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re: Melt Away - CrimsonCrusade
CrimsonPoz has turned this board into TideFans 2.0...
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re: Nick Saban should admit that this is his worst coaching job yet. - CrimsonCrusade
[quote] Mac Jones doesn't throw 2 pic sixes Alabama wins this game.[/quote] Auburn has been terrible offensively since Week One. The defense lost this game. Anyone who can't see that doesn't know a thing about football....
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re: Will you watch the bowl game? - CrimsonCrusade
Anyone who doesn't should jump ship and not come back. That said, Golding should be gone. And hopefully the "senior leaders" on this awful defense decide to skip it so they can hurry up and flame out in the NFL....
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re: Outclassed & Outcoached - CrimsonCrusade
There are two dark marks on Saban's otherwise unbelievable tenure at Alabama - the atrocious special teams and the inability to beat any Auburn team with a pulse....
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re: I’d be fine with a NY6 bowl victory and momentum for next year. - CrimsonCrusade
[quote]Meaningless Sugar Bowl[/quote] There are no meaningless games....
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re: Orgeron and his comments.... - CrimsonCrusade
[quote]Meh. They were comments to his team, in his locker room, after the biggest win of his career and the biggest win of theirs as well. He's generally always complimentary of our program in public. Let him and his team have their moment.[/quote] Or you could have some pride...
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re: Would Chad Morris be a good fit? - CrimsonCrusade
Clemson and SMU have both been significantly better since he left....
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re: Let’s give some credit to the LSU offense - CrimsonCrusade
[quote]Some of those greater defenses we’re all reminiscing on never faced a high powered air raid offense the entire season. This is a different era of college football.[/quote] 2016 was not that long ago. The Spread was the dominant offense at that point. As for LSU's offense, they played w...
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re: NCAA votes to allow athletes to profit off likeness - CrimsonCrusade
[quote] For all the mouth breathing fools that said (1) it'll never happen, and (2) it's going to ruin the sport - time to go suck some tit and call your pastor - we're marching towards 2020 and no one gives a shite about your outdated values[/quote] First, your "it's x year" argument sucks and b...
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re: The lights looked 1000 times better tonight - CrimsonCrusade
[quote]people will get used to it and it will be the norm soon[/quote] At which point the novelty will wear off and the lights will hopefully be widely seen for the bush league gimmick that they are. If they want to use them before the kickoff, that's one thing. Using them the way they have over ...
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re: We could all potentially become Dolphins fans - CrimsonCrusade
Their fans hate Alabama because they still hate Saban....
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re: Name a better 2 td 2 int 2 fumble game! - CrimsonCrusade
This "alpha dog" bitched and moaned half of last season because people had the [i]audacity[/i] to boo when he went 9/22, leading Florida to lose to a far inferior Missouri squad. He came out the next week and taunted his own fans after he played somewhat competently. Then all off-season, the media ...
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re: Why y'all didn't tell me Trooper Taylor is on Duke's Staff? LOL - CrimsonCrusade
[quote]We played against him last year too I'm pretty sure. I can't remember who the team was[/quote] Arkansas State...
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re: 80s Bama uniforms were the GOAT - CrimsonCrusade
The tiny circle A on the collar is fine by me and I'm alright with patches for special occasions like bowl games. But the conference patch is silly and the corporate patches are just embarrassing. Uniforms shouldn't be advertisements....
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re: Interesting Stat Regarding the Iron Bowl - CrimsonCrusade
[quote]I’d just like to beat a good Auburn team on the road[/quote] I'm 25. I've never seen Alabama beat a good Auburn team, period....
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re: Why is Alabama vs. Clemson 2015 thrown under the rug so much? - CrimsonCrusade
It's because Alabama won. I've always said that if Alabama had run a kick back on the last second against Auburn in 2013, the game wouldn't be remembered. Anytime there's an upset, people consider it a more exciting game....
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re: 2020 Football Schedule - CrimsonCrusade
[quote]Sankey can frick right on off for caving to Auburn.[/quote] If you look into Auburn's history, it's basically an uninterrupted string of bitching from Reconstruction right down to the present day....
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