This Tennessee fan is my favorite of all time. Watch him get so frustrated that he launches a water bottle from quite a distance at the Vanderbilt bench. His response after is classic. Hahaha...
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Vernonbrew2287 months
Loser cracker should have been tasered in the nads
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LZ8387 months
It was prob Pecker after he got rebuttled.
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bird3587 months
He would not have attempted the throw if he thought he could get it that close. Kind of like the time I threw a snowball into the open window of a moving car 35 yards away.
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OnTheBrink87 months
Two things at play here, (1) Love the reaction of instant regret once he saw how far it went. Showing himself out... :lol: (2) Love that the "rivalry" of UT and Vandy has heated up again! Football losing 3 of the last 5 to Vandy sure has the Vols rustled! Not sure how they can claim Champions of Life when they are not even champions of the state.
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