A Tennessee student made a layup, free throw, 3-pointer and half-court shot on Wednesday night and took home with $600 for the feat. Is that enough of a prize?
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CoraAriana13 months

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Grand Puma13 months
Tennessee's Prize Funding CEO has to be a Mr. Jackie Moon.
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themicah8513 months
He had to be aware of what the prize was if he made it, If he really felt it was such an upsetting amount of money as a prize he probably shouldn't have even shot it.
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CaptainJ4713 months
Is that the threshold for paying taxes on something for either the person or the university?
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Lynxrufus201213 months
What did he expect a cash stuffed Happy Meal?
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bayourougebengal13 months
That's $600 be didn't have before. It's not like he did a $1000 job and got paid $600. It was free money.
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sportsaddit6813 months
They still paying off those goal posts?
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RTRcdub13 months
Almost as bad as asking a coach to give back money after a successful season
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