Tennessee QB Tyler Bray reached an agreement in court and avoided a guilty plea this afternoon concerning a Fourth of July boating incident. Bray appeared briefly before Judge Rex Dale at Loudon County General Sessions Court and agreed to either make three public appearances at schools where he will promote boater safety or make a public service television commercial. He also lost his boat-driving rights for a year, must take a boating training course and pay court costs.

According to Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officer Dewayne Williams, Bray was driving a Jet Ski with a woman passenger when he was observed by Williams "hot dogging" with another Jet Ski. Williams explained the term "hot dogging" as "almost like playing chicken" on Jet Skis.

The other Jet Ski tipped over spilling the unidentified occupants into the water. Bray then sped near the swimmers "spraying them with water," according to Williams, who added "he was almost on top of them."
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Tiger inTampa143 months
"This is extremely stupid and extremely dangerous..."

Agreed bigpete. However, "extremely stupid and extremely dangerous" unfortunately play a part in 16-22 year old males lives whether they play ball for Rocky Top U or not. Kids are invinceable! Don't you remember? Hell look how many other posters on this article listed a friend or family member who's done the same thing or heard of someone doing the same thing.

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Tiger Vision143 months
Didn't Usher's Stepson just get killed in a similar incident? Very stupid.
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bigpetedatiga143 months
"Sounds like a group of kids having fun. Don't really understand why that's illegal if nobody got hurt."

You must be a Tenn fan. This is extremely stupid and extremely dangerous, like someone else just said, if someone was hurt or killed then we would be talking about how avoidable this all is.

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TorontoTigerFan143 months
Girl I went to high school with was killed in exact same situation,, she was in the water and guy didn't turn in time.
This is how people die and then after the fact everyone says "this could have been prevented"

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Ostrich143 months
Sounds like a group of kids having fun. Don't really understand why that's illegal if nobody got hurt.
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Francis Marion143 months
Tenn gonna Tenn
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