Even though he isn't playing anymore Shaquille O'Neal, will continue to have a presence in basketball. According to The Harvard College Sports Analysis Collective, there's alot more Shaqs on the way...

"In 2012, the most common age for people named Shaquille is 18 years old. That’s right, there are about to be a lot more Shaqs. They may not grow up to be as outgoing as the original Shaq-Daddy, but a large number of babies started being named Shaquille in the early 90’s as Shaquille O’Neal first started making it big in the NBA. Using name statistics available through WolframAlpha, let’s take a walk through the Big Diesel’s career and look for some trends in baby names."
And oh look, a graph...

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Hopefully they can hit free-throws.
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Title is misleading. The name "Shaquille" is not the most popular name for 18 year-olds. However, "Shaquille" as a name is most popular in 18 year-olds as compared to 30 year-olds or 10 year-olds.
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yeah, its fairly obvious that Larry did not get a journalism degree
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