No idea why Samuel Jackson stopped by Georgia practice, but he did...

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Anyone know if he has any affiliation with the school?
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beardedzeus138 months
Maybe he's studying for a role as a Thug POS. Where better to learn than UGA?
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Ziggy52138 months
What? Say what again!
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Ash Williams138 months
He frickin wanted to watch the mutha fricking practice probably
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Deltatiger138 months
He probably saw the cameras filming practice and thought he was supposed to be in it for another bad movie.
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Fewer Kilometers138 months
Had a condo made of stona.
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SaintLSUnAtl138 months
I know he does the "Rise Up" commercials for the Falcons on TV in Atlanta. That hasn't really worked out for them...
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Brummy138 months
Grew up in Chattanooga - attended Morehouse in Atlanta.
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